All SMALL GROUP CLASSES (maximum 16 participants) are part SOUL, part FUEL: driven with passion, full of motivation, fine tuned with expertise and designed for ALL LEVELS. Our goal is to fill you up with the STRENGTH, EMPOWERMENT and JOY you deserve.


BOOSTCAMP: This is your traditional bootcamp style class with a bit more boost (and less boot:-). Designed to rev your engine and get your gears going, this mix of circuits, HIITs and functional training will fill your lungs, heart and soul with the fuel you need. This will be a whistle-free class. 

FUEL BARRE: Bar none, this is possibly the most incredible barre workout around! Using LTS Equalizer bars and light weights, you have all you need for a full body-toning, cardio-filled, non-stop workout. Performed to high-energy dance tunes, we guarantee a rave level sweat. You miiiight also feel a bit like a dancer. 

FITPOP®: Incredible cardio dance workout to the best pop classics and hits. Fantastic cardio workout and an absolute blast, this is a studio favourite and studio exclusive (for now!). Awaken your inner dancer for fitness and fun! No dance experience required.

DIVA DANCE: Learn a fun and fabulous dance choreography to make you feel like a star! We will break down a dance step-by-step, so that the novice has the time to ‘get it’ and the dancer can show off. Get ready for the likes of Britney, Beyonce, Madonna, Bruno Mars, Lizzo and more.

GROOVIN’ BABIES (pre-registered pop-up): Calling all moms and their babies! Strap your cuties into their carriers for easy-to-follow grooves, safe post-natal exercises, positive endorphins and fun hang-time with other moms. Space and time provided before and after for nursing, feeding, changing and chatting. Baby age: 6 weeks + until baby is walking.

HIIT HOP®: Kick-A high intensity intervals + sweet hip-hop beats + dance inspired movements = HIIT Hop. Fun and a great sweat for all levels. No dance experience required.

JUMP + CHARGE HIIT: This killer interval training cardio class will pump those endorphin fuels and leave you feeling full and recharged. The beginning "JUMP" portion will focus on anaerobic training by doing various HIITs (High Intensity Interval Training). The final "CHARGE" portion will plug into your core battery with abdominal and glute work. 

MUSCLE JACK: Give your strength a hearty lift with this weights-focused class. By lifting heavier weights at lower reps, you will increase muscle and bone density, change your body composite and effectively boost your metabolism. BAM! Plus, you’ll be able to open any jar in the house. No, you won't bulk up.

PILATES TUNE UP: This Pilates mat class will realign, reset, tone, tighten, stretch and strengthen your auto body. Yes, it will be that good! Using Pilates rings, balls, bands and blocks, you will be amazed at just what these lightweight props can do. Get ready for a fire in your belly!

POUND®: The world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums.

SOUL SCULPT: This class will tone, tighten and lengthen your muscles in a wholly soul fuelled way. Strength training using body weight, light weights and small equipment pieces (gliders, tubing, bands and balls), this class will cater to and challenge a wide range of fitness levels. Get ready to work deeply from the inside out. A larger portion of this class will be devoted to thorough stretching, as none of us reeeally stretch enough and it does a body good.

WARRIOR DRIVE: This class is badass! A fusion of kung fu, kick boxing and basic fight techniques and training to awaken and ignite your warrior soul fuel. We will add in some weights, fitness drills and sparing for full workout effect. Super hero costumes are encouraged. No boxing experience required.

ZUMBA®: Zumba combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system. Anyone can Join the Party!

“OPEN GYM” (No Instructor): Can’t make it to class today? Come work it out on your own terms. You will have access to the GROUP FIT GARAGE (our main studio with dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, yoga mats/blocks/straps, gliders, resistance bands and more), as well as the BASEMENT BODY SHOP (personal training studio with all of the above + treadmill, squat rack, lat pull). Also enjoy any of SOUL FUEL's amenities, including showers with toiletries, towel service, coffee, tea, and more.


Childcare during select 9:00 and 9:30am classes.

More classes on weekends and daytime!

Have a class that you love that we don't offer? Is there a jam you'd like us to try on our schedule? 

Your feedback is important to us, so bring it!


As most classes max out at 20 participants, any late cancellations or no-shows means someone else could have taken your place. On that note: You have up to 8 hours prior to the start of class to cancel penalty-free. After 8 hours, class pass holders are charged for the class. After 8 hours, members are charged a $10 penalty. There are wait-lists for all classes, you will be notified when a space becomes available.