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"I've been training with MJ for over a year now and have seen amazing results in that time. I feel so much stronger and healthier. MJ has a tremendous amount of experience and creates varied and challenging workouts. She motivates me to push past my limits. If you are serious about getting into shape, MJ is the best there is.” - Edna

“The results have been extraordinary. Not only do I feel stronger, but I'm calmer and can tackle the day with much greater ease. Here's how I know I'm onto something good: my posture has improved and when I wake up early in the morning for my sessions, I jump out of bed in anticipation. It's 45 minutes for myself three times a week, which originally seemed like a tremendous extravagance, but now I'm hooked and can't go back.” - Leah

“Now, I am dedicated to my workouts. I work our two mornings a week with MJ and it is fun! MJ puts me through a fast, effective workout that I would never follow through with on my own and we laugh the entire time. I never thought I would enjoy working out, let alone crave my workouts. I find myself feeling stronger and more energized after workouts with MJ and for that I am grateful.” - Heather

"Love MJ's teaching style; she was patient with me, who knew nothing at the start. For what we got the value was WELL WORTH IT AND MORE. I came into this week abhorring yoga and I'm leaving with the confidence and desire to continue!” - Shannon

"Working out with MJ is the absolute BEST! She keeps every workout super fun and always changes up the routines so it's never repetitive. The workouts get me feeling fit and awesome. I look forward to our weekly sessions every week!!” -Yassi